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The gatefold features stunning photography of the ancient Norwegian burial site of Mølen. 3 (2017) Electronic Voice Phenomena (2017) Diverse electronic artist whose output ranges from Dark / Deep Ambient to krautrock-influenced, to melodic and pulsing Ambient /. CD unholy lust Taste the Sin Through the Fire CD teratism Pure Unadulturated. Comes in rough board sleeve with updated cover art. Balls out and and straight to the point! This man was always way ahead of his time, both musically and technically and to say that Klaus Schulze is a pioneer of Electronic Music is to say nothing.

Silent Cosmic Travel is a project inspired by vintage sci-fi scores and related paraphernalia. Lugubrum will finally make it to Scotland in 2013 for their 21st birthday!.The bands first live shows in over a year and only confirmed ones for 2013 t to be missed! Sign Libra (?) Closer To the Equator (2018) (recorded in 2016) Melodic, new-agey music with touches of deep house. Ok, he did flirt with new wave in the early 1980's, but does that matter? MCD cruciamentum Engulfed in Desolation MCD sarvari Arxaiolatria infernal curse Apocalipsis cthonium / oscullum infame Split CD obsecration The Inheritors of Pain 15/3/17 lugubrum De Zuivering LP OUT NOW! Interesting band from Japan (Yuhei Watanabe, Kiyofumi Sadanaga and Keita Sadanaga like electronic version of completely improvised jazz. The Collected Works of SFF combines all three albums into one 2-CD set, adding a couple of live bonus tracks. Salbert, Dieter (Germany) Musica Phantastica (1976) Klangszenen (1982) Electronic Pictures (2004) Dieter Salbert is a classical composer who has scored a host of works for chamber orchestra, as well as choir, sax, clarinet and other instruments.

Soothing Sounds For Baby is a trilogy of albums written specifically for calming down infants, but it will be also interesting for adult infants who are usually called 'EM fans'. A brief dubby rhythmic moment as well. There is some material that can be interesting for fans. Scarterfield, Keith (USA) Vista (1989) Flesh Tones (1991) The Jart Mentality (1993) Sound of Mind (?) Synthesist on Electronical Dreams. Secoya (UK) Ghosts (2015) The World Is Yours (2016) Emotional Ambient between classic Eno / Budd, post-rock and a touch of neo-classical. Scorpio (UK) Conduct Unbecoming (1983) Cataclysm (1984) Alias of Steve Freeman of Auricle fame. Seventh Beyond, The (UK) Metamorphic Essence (2011) The Creation of Light (2012) East of the Sunrise (2013) Dark Matter (2013) Life Force (2014) Symphonic Dreams (2015) Sonic Universe (2015) Ghost Stories (2016) Hidden Treasure (2016) Green (2017) Eternal Soundwaves (2018) Brighter, new-agey and darkish Ambient. With any luck the thaw will come as predicted at the end of the week and things might get back to normal. Sense (Australia) Selected Moments Volume 1 (2011) The Dream (2013) Still Life (2014) Beautiful analog soundscapes from Adam Raisbeck. Sayer (USA) Origins (1998) Corinthaus (1998) Blaze (1998) Waves (1999) Synthetic Dreams (2000) Past-Present-Future (2001) (with Dream Quest) 1st Encounter (2003) Random Access Melodies (2013) Sounds of Atoms (2014) Time Travelers (2015) Time Travelers Too (2015) Cosmic Voyagers (2015) Interplanetary (2017) A Different Side.

Melodic, easy-listening, gently rhythmic, laid-back. He was a member of Tangerine Dream in 1969 and helped to create their first official album release, Electronic Meditation. Schönauer, Manfred (Germany) Sound Sculptures (1983) Untitled - Demo (1984) Sound Sculptures 3 (1985) Opus I (?) Rare tapes with Electronic Music by this Germany-born musician (moved to USA in 1972). He got interested in electronics somewhere in the 1970's and his discography may hide other unknown gems. 20/12/16 NEW release AND distro updated. Try anything by him. Sevendeaths (UK) Remote Sympathy (2017) A mix between ambient and melodic EM styles. Schat, Arjen (Netherlands) Sequentem (2014) CrO2 (2015) (S) Mens (2015) Spectrum (2017) Arjen Schat is a diverse Dutch composer who is especially fond of complex sequencer patterns (ala Berlin School ) and ambient synth soundscapes. The rhythm foundation, bass and drums, works really well as the backbone for the guitars' minor scale riffing.

See also: Jiachi, Lu Schaaf, Jorg (Germany) Sonar Experience (1999) Supposedly, the same style as his work with Schulze on Trance Appeal. LP naglfar Pariah LP naglfar Harvest LP mylingar Doda Vagar MLP undergang Misantropologi LP kill Great Death LP lvthn The Spider Goddess LP saqras cult Forgotten Rites LP mortuary drape Spiritual Independence LP vornth s/t LP bode preto Mystic Massacre LP profanal Supreme Fire. 2 (2011) Mystical Time Machine Vol. Special edition of 100 copies on White/Yellow splatter vinyl (pissed on by pygmy medicine men!) with poster and patch. A unique work for those who prefer exploring things lying somewhat off the beaten path. Available in the following limited editions: Standard black vinyl LP with printed double sided 12" insert. Ltd 500X) svipdagr Black Verses dissect Swallow Swouming Mass DCD cerebral contortion Brain Damage orange blossom JAM Forever High aggravator Age of Combat inquisitor / virgin killer Split CD nazghor Upon the Darkest Season execration Odes of the Occult digi CD diskord Dystopics carbonized Demo. Nowadays he runs two music schools in Milan. Comes in reverse board sleeve with double sided thick insert.

Tropez, La Compagnia Digitale. Serediak, Jim (Canada) Image And Reflection (1984) Jim Serediak is a Canadian classical guitarist and multi-instrumentalist from Edmonton. Silicon Dioxide (Germany) Empty Stages (2006) This album was recorded in the Electric Junk studio (owned by Albin Meskes of You ) by Slem Beniak, Lens Kimbase, Nike. Schwarz (Spain) Nación Subterránea (2016) Krautrock band from Murcia. Koncert was recorded in a cathedral using church organ and moog. Skyline (Australia) I (2017) (S) Ambient duo from Sydney.

Sapphirine Phlant (Russia) Odds And Ends (2014) Until the Light Takes Us (2016) Sapphirine Phlant is Valentin Chernov from Novecherkassk, who debuted in 2014 with Odds And Ends, released by Psychonavigation Records. Sloan, Jason (USA) Soundtracks of Loss (2000) A Quiet Return (2000) An Unsaid (2000) Silence Behind the Horizon (2000) The Shoreline of An End (2001) To Cross the River of Light (2001) (EP) Whispered With Water (2001) The Space Between Beginnings (2001) Moving Through (2002). Skymn (Sweden) Biker Scene (2017) (S) Techno artist from Stockholm who started to show EM / Ambient influences on Biker Scene, which is a moody ride through dimly-lid neon roads, as the label put. Fender Rhodes, Juno 6, MS-20, Jupiter 6, theremin etc. Shek, Krystian (Germany) al-Qhirah (2017) Ambient dub / techno artist from Frankfurt who appeared in the early 2000's on FAX label.

Contains 10 track live show from 1993 as an added bonus and with 16 page booklet with all lyrics and old photos. With Until the Light Takes Us, reportedly inspired by Norwegian black metal, its a complete turn towards the ambient side. Right from the beginning they sought to recreate the classic sound of German analogue Electronic Music known today as the Berlin School. Released by Hypnos Secret Sounds. Shinigami San (Tunisia) Sustained Tension (2015) (EP) (2016) (S) Dubstep artist from Tunisia. Although it contains vocals and is not very TD -like for the most part, there is also a nice sequencer outtro (layered with vocals again) and it can be considered as slightly EM-related. There were bands and artists (particularly in the UK and Europe) who were creating shockingly bland musicyou know cheesy little ditties over badly programmed drum machines using horrid thin digital preset sounds. Transparent red vinyl with A3 poster insert 12 Red/ Black Swirl LP with A3 poster insert(limited 100 copies) 13 Wholesale same as the Doomed LP above.

A limited vinyl version will follow later this year so for now make do with the CD version with 12 page booklet for: UK:9.00, Europe:.50, World:.50. Some albums (like Brain Voyager ) are actually too sweet for my tastes (there is a track which features sweet female vocals and sounds like a child's lullaby - yuck! See also: Goblin Simović, Tomislav (Croatia) Visitors From the Galaxy (2017) (recorded in 1981) (soundtrack) Rare electronic soundtrack from this jazz musician and film composer. Sana Obruent (USA) Prince of the Air (2016) Dyatlov (2017) Darkish ambient project of Paul Lopez. On Moon's Spawn he is very noisy and rough but for Poseidonis he chose a more structured, melodic / rhythmic approach. Fire colour vinyl in gatefold sleeve with A3 Poster.

This tape was released somewhere in the 1980's by Becket. Special edition of 100 copies on carrot orange vinyl with Beer us or Die! The above cassette features BM songs on side A and a four-part synth suite recorded in 2016 on side. The CD contains the never released demo from 1996 and a rare instrumental rehearsal from the same year of tracks done after the demo. (?) Shimizu, Nobuyuki (Japan) Anything Goes (1982) Multi-instrumentalist who on the above album is joined by a few luminaries of Japanese progressive / electronic scene, like Ponta Murakami and Hideki Matsutake. Salminen, Karoliina (Finland) True Dreams (2003) Collection (2003) (recorded in ) Karoliina Salminen (born in 1974) composes music which is strongly influenced by early Jean-Michel Jarre (circa Oxygene / Equinoxe ). See also: Parikrama Seeuws, Patrick (Netherlands) Impressions (1984) Criminals. Singh, Charanjit (India) Synthesizing: Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat (1982) Considered a (still rather obscure) holy grail of Indian Electronic Music, this album sees Mumbai-based Singh (unfortunately, he died in 2015 at the age of 74) doing rhythmic electronic stuff (ten ragas actually, adapted. See alsp: Donoso, Ricardo Sea of Wires (UK) At Home And Abroad (1980) Seasickness (1980) Beyond the Edge of Tomorrow (1982) Obscure duo ( Chris Jones and Tony Murphy) from Coventry that played ambient synth music during the 1980's.

Shayla (USA) Vision Seeker (1987) Shayla is a pseudonym of Sheila Roberts, a new age artist. Vinyl version will follow later in the year. These are two Electronic Music albums released by this artist in 19, respectively. Schnee (Italy) Chrism (2012) Dark Ambient from Riccardo. News of upcoming releases to follow.

Mostly dungeon synth in sound (with lots of organ) but very Doom Ambient in feel and philosophy. Sensory (Belgium) Planet (2014) Art of Sadness (2017) Very nice Electronic Music, mostly of floating variety, by Belgian synthesist Joost Egelie who also releases music under his real name. LP ruach raah Hate Fanaticism LP makhange…kill yourselp nuit noire Infantile Espieglery LP CD: vinterriket Gardarsholmur uruk HAI Elbenglanz abigail / dulvel Satan, Bitches Rock n Roll split CD lvthn Eradication of Nescience digi CD root Zjeveni digi CD autumnia Two Faces of Autumn DCD. If anything, the music partly reminded me on "Klaustrophony" from Klaus Schulze 's Dreams, more in concept than in sound, though, because, let's be honest here folks, the singing on that 1986 work was an acquired taste to say the least. The moods range from cosmic / reflective to sequencer-based and rhythmic / wacky, with occasional forays into loungy Ashra -like kraut goodness. Sleepland (Japan) Monukenokara (2012) (S) June Forecast (2014) For Silentseeing (2015) Meditate On Fall (2016) Cascades (2016) Tidal Motion (2018) Plain Works For CDR (2018) Ambient artist Kengo Yonemura who uses acoustic guitar and electronics. See also: Ice Yacht Sandpiper (UK) Dust Magnet (2014) (S) Ambient music based on analogue sounds from Ollie Tutty and Jimmy Billingham. However, it contains music from The Black Cassette from 1974. sex spel happy ending stockholm See also: Mountain Tune Sasankah (Austria) Insight (?) Long, flowing ambient tracks from Andreas Kovar. See also: Matmos Schmidtchen, Detlev (Germany) The Last Planet (2007) The Last Planet Chapter II (2008) The Last Planet Chapter III: Reversion (2009) Vanthasia (2013) Another World (2014) Keyboard player of Eloy with his own solo concept albums. There are also some ambient works that I will try to list here. All pre orders will ship in the next few days. 1982) An unusual diversion for member of post-punk / indie / new wave outfit Echo And the Bunnymen, Themes For Grind is a collection of instrumental pieces that utilize guitar and keyboards to sculpt moody ambient and melodic pieces. In the EM world, he is marked by his collaboration with Klaus Schulze at the beginning of the 21st Century. Includes a Burzum cover. AP 073 THE true endless Legacy of Hate Digipack CD 8 New full length from Italys Black Metal stalwarts and long time associates of Aphelion. 2: Return To Warlock Pond (2015) (S) Guantanamo Patchbay Vol. See also: Visions, Instincts.

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It was on their later efforts (listed) that they developed a dark, opressive ambient style. Slabe, Ron (USA) Zagadka (1984) Better Music Through Electronics (1984) (with Bill Trivison) Classic style synthesist from Euclid, Ohio. Black vinyl 12 White vinyl with patch.50 Postage prices and order conditions are listed at top of distro page so please check them before saying they are too expensive and wasting my time. Ornaments (2011) (with Empusae) Cycle of Rebirth (2015) In Praise of Shadows (2016) (with Eraldo Bernocchi) Ritualistic Ambient from one Manaru Hiramoto. Sloan, Gary (USA) Harmonitalk (1980) Nightraid (1983) Clone Tapes (2012) (recorded in 1979) Clone - Hallowe'en 1976 (2013) (S) Son of Octabred (2014) (recorded in 1982) (S) One of the more exotic and unique electronic artists, Gary Sloan is from Alaska and is part. Self-MUXilation is one his numerous collections of varied songs. sex spel happy ending stockholm

Aphelion Productions - Home More From Our Brands. Indiewire Star Wars: The Mandalorian Hires Taika Waititi, Bryce Dallas Howard, and More to Direct New Live-Action Series. Encyclopedia of Electronic Music - S - Pugachov Melodisk harmoni och skönhet.

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Erotisk massage halmstad massage fridhemsplan / C dejting She Accepted Bareback with Bilderbergers announce New World Order of the Illiminati and Single World Empire William. Van Duyns Opening Remarks Bilderberg Mtg. Bilderbergers announce the New World Order of the Illuminati and a single world empire. Svenska Milfs Thai Massage Forum - Escort Tjejer Göteborg 23/3/18 NEW releases AND distro update. Bombarder Ledena Krv and Okot iz pakla LPs out now! Bombarder Ledena Krv LP After endless delays Aphelion Productions proudly presents this long overdue reissue.

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